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Happiness is being a Frog

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Happiness is being a Frog
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                                   Happiness Is Being A Frog


In my next life I hope to come back as a frog

His boudoir is a floating log.

The place where he was born is a pond,

The lifetime home of which he and his family are fond



His dinners are of  the everlasting supply

Of pests, mosquitoes, assorted bugs and the flies.

A summer moonlight frog pond is a sight of delight

The melodic music of a frog serenade in the night.


Human life is a convuluted, unpredictable affair,

Compared to the frog in his simple, natural living, no worry, no care.

Frog’s life, all natural airy, watery, sunny,

Free from the devil’s evil for which people kill people, called Money!

                                                 Rod Rodriguez




Vui Thay ! Nếu Được Lm Ếch


Kiếp lai sinh ti xin được lm ếch

Xy nh mnh trn khc gỗ tri sng

Ếch sinh ra tại nước động vũng bn

Ao hồ nh ếch trọn đời vui sống


Thức ăn của ếch, ti nguyn v tận

Nơi c nhiều cn trng v ruồi muổi

 Trăng h soi hồ ếch đẹp v ngần

Đm về, tiếng ếch reo ngn ngậm ngi


Đời người sao qu vấn vương, bận bịu

Cn ếch rất tự nhin v thoải mi

Sống giữa trời, my nước, sướng hơn nhiều

Khng v tiền giết nhau như quỷ qui !


       Phỏng dich.

 Nguyễn Minh-Chu TĐ3 soibien        

Nhạc Mưa Nữa Đm